"The is the place where the water meets the sky."

"Break-away from the hustle and bustle of city and smoke to the beauty in our Karoo"
Joan Southey, Footprints in the Karoo

Gariep Air Gliding "After Rain one of the most welcome sounds in the Karoo is the frogs' chorus, and their full-blown orchestration sounds for all the world like a million castanets. The recovery of the veldt after the rain is miraculous, and a desolate, barren and blackened wasteland, silent and grim after devastating drought, is suddenly transformed into a lush soft vision of green, interspersed with carpets of brilliant wild flowers."

Joan Southey, Footprints in the Karoo

Karoo Farm Accommodation


Attractions near Morning Glory Cotages

Ideally situated for any traveller Morning Glory Cottages can be used as a base to explore any of the nearby attractions There are numerous sporting facilities in its vicinity such as:-

Karoo Gariep dam wall

• River Rafting,
• Kayaking,
• Abseiling,
• Power Boating,
• Skiing,

Gariep also has sunset cruises on the dam, this is the place where the water meets the sky.

Dam wall tours Tel: 051 754 0001 book in advance.

Only 9km from the inlet of the Orange Fish Tunnel in the Orange River. (Oviston Nature Reserve) and nearest shore of the Great Lake Gariep with a shore line of 435km and 370km2 when its full, the dam was commissioned 1971.
Two underground tunnels deposit water into the Fish and Sundays Rivers thus enabling substantial irrigation farming in the remote areas of the Eastern Cape Province.
Gariep Yacht Club,
Gariep Air Gliding Club.
Fish hatchery and bait fishing for yellow fish, mudfish, tilapia etc.

Festival of this area
• Water sport festival (February)
• Gariep 500 Rubber Duck race (February)
• Annual International gliding Championships (December)
• Annual "Kaskar" race (October)
• Quenna Festival (February)

Karoo farm guest pool

Visit the longest bridge in South Africa (1km long) near Bethulie.
Concentration Camp Grave yard at Norvalspont and Bethulie from Anglo Boer War.

Tel: 087 550 2550 or 051 654 0302